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We have a fleet of school buses owned and operated by the Vidyalaya covering more than 20 routes in the City. Experienced and dedicated drivers and conductors are employed in all the buses to take care of the children.

All our Buses are fitted with GPS tracking system with trip information sent to the students through SMS.

Route No.9KL 01 BQ 1398 click here

Route No.12KL 01 BB 6358click here

Route No.14KL 01 BE 9101click here

Route No.14(Trip-2)KL 01 BE 9101click here

Route No.3KL 01 N 1242click here

Route No.3(Trip-2)KL 01 N 1242click here

Route No.17KL 01 BU 485click here

Route No.17(Trip-2)KL 01 BU 485click here

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